shavasana with a bolster

Restorative Yoga Poses with a Bolster

Originally, of course, people performed yoga poses without any extra equipment, but today things have changed and we have a good number of tools to aid our practice. When it […]

the cobra pose technique

How To Do Bhujangasana (The Cobra Pose)

I’m planning to gradually describe all the basic yoga poses here, on my blog, so you can always refer to them when following your yoga routine. Bhujangasana is among the […]

personal yoga practice

Developing Your Personal Yoga Practice

Developing a personal yoga practice is not something a beginner should worry about. In fact, in the beginning it is advised to take some yoga style you like and follow […]

best book about yoga

What Is The Best Book About Yoga?

The answer is both easy and difficult; although I have seen and read lots of books on yoga, usually there are always pros and cons in every book. In some […]

Ashwini Mudra Practice

Ashwini Mudra Practice and Its Benefits

Ashwini Mudra Meaning Before we talk about the ashwini mudra practice, lets define its meaning. Ashwa means “horse” in Sanskrit, and mudra is a “gesture” or “sign” but this doesn’t say […]


The Strength and Weakness of the Chakras

Chakra is a complex phenomenon; often people try describing chakras from one point of view only, such as ‘strong chakra’ or ‘weak chakra’. But to describe chakras you need to […]

bandhas in ashtanga yoga

Bandhas In Ashtanga Yoga

I assume that by the term “Ashtanga yoga” we mean Ashtanga-vinyasa-yoga as taught in the school of Pattabhi Jois. While the bandhas are same in all the yoga traditions and […]