The Strength and Weakness of the Chakras

Chakra is a complex phenomenon; often people try describing chakras from one point of view only, such as ‘strong chakra’ or ‘weak chakra’. But to describe chakras you need to consider many things, at least 10 of them, to make your description or explanation closer to the reality. Understanding chakras required for successful yoga practice.

Psychological Aspects of the Chakras

The power of chakra is the amount of energy that was originally there in this chakra, and weakness is the absence of the energy. The presence of the energy in chakra is related to the desire of a person; and the strength of the desire determines the amount of this energy or the power of chakra. Here we can relate to an interesting point where the following the real desires means the following of one’s own dharma and vice versa. The only problem here is the understanding of what the real desires are.

The Autonomic Nervous System Nodes and Their Correspondence to the Chakras

chakrasFrom the above it is easy to understand that a person with a strong chakra is largely motivated by the needs associated with this chakra, which allows describing the psychological portraits of people with different chakra strengths. For example, a person with a strong muladhara works for the welfare, they always try to structure the environment and they are not exhausted by this process. Such person likes the things being in order; it comes along with their desires and needs. A person with strong muladhara doesn’t like domestic discomfort.

A person with strong svadhisthana is largely motivated by gaining pleasure; he or she looks for joy everywhere or tries to make it happen if there is nothing found. The sense enjoyment motive including the sexual one is dominant in such person.

If someone has strong manipura chakra, they try to dominate in administration and control; they look for social recognition and respect. This is ideal situation to make a career.

Strong anahata or heart chakra means you live by your feelings. You can sacrifice everything for the love (or hate – just the opposite side of the coin). The weak heart chakra means that a person won’t be able to experience deep love and compassion.

Visuddha chakra pushes a person to gain knowledge about the world. Such person needs to express themselves, to do creative things, they are curious and inquisitive. Also persons with strong visuddha are pretty eloquent and often like or have to speak in public. They are good at expressing their thoughts through the words.

Strong ajna creates in person the desire to fulfill their existential needs, to find their place in the world, to understand the purpose of life.

The top chakra, sahasrara, is difficult to describe since it is related to higher dimensions, to the connection of the self with the Source of Creation and barely be understood with mundane words.

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