How Long Should I Do Yoga to See the Results?

I often hear this question and the short answer to it is: as long as you need. Really. Yoga is a completely personal practice; yes, of course there are yoga classes and yoga groups, but there hardly can be a yoga competition. Yoga is the connection of the self with the Source of everything; it is your path, and it may be different from my path, although the principles and the practices look same.

How Long Should I Do Yoga Everyday?

If you start doing yoga at home, judge the length and the intensity of the workout by your condition – how you feel yourself. For beginners the practice can last for 15-40 minutes. The average time of the yoga routine in groups is 60-90 minutes. Experienced yoga students can go as long as 2 hours but generally it is not required for the advancement in yoga.

How Long Does It Take To Master Yoga?

How long should I do yoga?This is a similar question but yet slightly different: when I see results from yoga? The answer is: you don’t have to “master” yoga to see the results; in reality, it can take you from several months to several years to see the results depending on how intense and regular your yoga program is. You shouldn’t force yourself, but remember that the most important thing is being regular. Your results will also depend on what do you expect: normally the first signs of advancement are the improvement in the overall condition, better flexibility and stamina as well as health and strength; some people lose weight, some get rid of various diseases – it all depends.

In yoga shastras or ancient scriptures on yoga it is said that to master an asana or yoga pose one has to be able to maintain the pose for 3 hours without fail. I personally doubt you can apply this for every asana out there not because the scriptures are not corrects but because our bodies are not that strong as the bodies of ancient people. However I know one case when a person was able to maintain sirsasana or head stand for the said three hours – it was Theos Bernard.

So to get good at yoga you will need at least several month doing yoga regularly (at least three times a week). Some asanas will be easier and you will master them faster; other will literally take years to be proficient in them.

But my suggestion would be: do yoga just as you eat and sleep, I mean, make it a part of your life; you don’t compete in sleeping and eating, do you? 🙂 So is the yoga – if you develop a “yoga habit”, then after sometime you will discover that your life is changing (or has changed to some significant extent) to a positive one, and any ailments or disorders you previously had, have gone by that time. Good luck!

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