Vajroli Mudra or Thunderbolt Mudra

The practice of Vajroli mudra is simple yet effective and can be used as an additional technique to many other poses and practices to enhance them. For example, you can do Navasana and add Vajroli to it; or you can do the same in Paschimottanasana, in many sitting poses like Padmasana, etc. By the way, when the practice is mentioned in the context of female practice it is called Sahajoli mudra, although the difference is only in the physical side. The technique is the same in its essence.

Vajroli Mudra Posture

I mentioned that you can do the mudra in many postures but when you learn it you may want to take any pose for meditation (the lotus pose or Padmasana, Siddhasana, Vajrasana or Virasana). Place your palms on the knees; keep your spine straight but not too tensed. Close your eyes and relax.

Vajroli Mudra Technique

Vajroli Mudra TechniqueFocus your mind on the urethra. Inhale, and try to move the urethra upward – you will need to contract the muscles of the lower abdomen and the urethral sphincter. This contraction is just the same when you try to hold back the urge to urinate. The testes in men and the labia in women shift upward slightly when you do the contraction.

There is a more difficult form of Vajroli mudra, which is, probably, practiced in Kriya, and involves the use of a silver tube, but the description of this technique is beyond this post.

You need to hold the contraction as long as you feel comfortable, keeping the focus on urethra. You can lean forward slightly if it helps.

Exhale, release the contracted muscles, and relax.

Repeat two times. You can gradually increase the number of times as you get better at it.

I’m not sure if there is a Vajroli mudra video, so cannot advise you any.

When to Practice

Any time of the day, but preferably on empty stomach. Never practice it immediately after the meals.

Your Focus

Place your attention or focus on urethra or on Svadhisthana Chakra.

Vajroli Mudra Benefits

On the physical side the mudra regulates the entire uro-genital system, helping with the recurrent urinary tract infections, incontinence, and uterine prolapse (Sahajoli mudra). It is also said to correct impotence by toning the endocrine system.

On a more subtle level Vajroli mudra strongly affects Vajra Nadi – the psychic channel responsible for nourishing the reproductive organs with prana or vital energy. If you practice it regularly, you will gain control over your vital energy, which is usually lost during ejaculation.

Vajroli mudra is a very helpful tool for those who practice Brahmacharya. It can also be used in conjunction with Ashwini mudra.

18 thoughts on “Vajroli Mudra or Thunderbolt Mudra

  1. there are basically 2 vajroli techniques that i know of. the first one is to prevent semen from being released out of the body. commonly known as right hand technique or white vajroli. the other one comes from long term practice in which the expelled semen is pulled back. this is called black vajroli or the left hand technique. the right hand technique is suitable for use by everyone and has no negative consequences. the left hand technique or black vajroli is extremely difficult. its practice is done once white vajroli is perfected. In this the male part acts like the trunk of an elephant which sucks water. practice is done at home by sucking water and filling the bladder. advanced practice is done by sucking milk, ghee and finally mercury. once perfected black vajroli can be used to suck not only expelled semen but also suck the release of female seminal fluids. the female seminal fluid is said to be shakti and when black vajroli is performed you combine shiva and shakti and absorb them. this straightaway adds 10 years of your life and the partner loses the energy. A practitioner of black vajroli can live almost forever. this is the fountain of youth and the reason why some tantric sadhus indulge in sexual acts. However, every act of black vajroli brings with it the negative karmas of the other partner and is totally avoided except in some aghori practices. cleaning the negative karmas (mostly prostitutes) takes lot of time and the extra life gained is spent in cleaning the karmas. This completes the knowledge of vajroli.

    1. Hi Joy Ganguly ,
      I know yoga asanas from my 5th age. I learnt it through one of my guru. The guru is nomore now. I regularly do yoga. I am 40 yrs old now. I didnot come across the above vajroli. This is very new to me. can you tell me how to do the white vajroli.

      1. Not so great. Everything can go wrong, it you don’t have the right teacher, and enough experience. The other thing is that in the present age (Kali) the human body is not that strong as it used to be in the previous ages. That is why modern yoga is more like gymnastics, since many ancient authentic practices are hard to master for a human being with restless mind and a body weakened by the current toxic environment and without proper samskaras.

    2. I have one question, if seamen will get sucked back then where will it stay,
      Will it get sucked back into urinary bladder??

      1. It seems so, but it will not stay – the whole idea is to absorb it and transform it into energy. And actually this technique is not suitable for the most of the people of the modern age, since not many can really do it, and our bodies are not that strong both physically and “pranically” (i.e. from the side of the subtle energy).

    1. Well, that I can’t tell you as I don’t know myself. But I wouldn’t recommend doing Vajroli that way (with the tube) unless you are under the appropriate guidance and you really know what you’re doing.

      1. Yes ,i do know what i am doing.
        But there is no one around me to teach and my work timings are different.
        I have to learnt it by myself.

        1. I see… Well, as I mentioned before, the use of the tube is more common when doing Kriya, which is not really a simple practice. You can safely follow the method without the tube – that alone can bring a substantial benefit. Once you are ready, you will be sent a person to guide you if needed. It’s just my IMHO.

          1. sir, i want to learn this technique. for some time i have been observing brahmacharyam. i do not want to waste my semen and want to conserve it for higher purpose. could you please teach me the technique? i will be very grateful.


          2. Things like Vajroli are helpful from the technical point of view, but you need to understand what is required to maintain a good brahmacharya. The first thing is: Prana follows our thoughts. The second thing: The increase of lust is closely related to the accumulation of Prana in Swadhisthana chakra. The third thing: one can “dissolve” the accumulated Prana in Swadhisthana and redirect it towards the higher chakras through the practices like Vajroli, Mula Bandha, Uddiyana. The fourth thing: cultivate thoughts that won’t lead the Prana down to the lower chakras (though the presence of some portion of Prana there is required of course) – this can be achieved through the spiritual activities and work that is not of a sinful nature and that gives your joy or at least satisfaction. A company of like minded people is also helpful.

  2. I would strongly neglect the practice of kriya or mudra techniques. Such techniques have strong mentally links . One requires a a true yogi to guide them through this path .If wrongly done they may lead to mental instability. These practice are practiced in later stage when you have successfully conquered different stages of yogic practice . It takes years of hardwork to come at this stage.

    1. I agree with you. The simpler part of the Vajroli technique is quite safe (of course, you still need SOME experience in yoga before you do it). The other part (with the silver tube) is mentioned for educational purpose, and I said in one of the comments that you need an expert teacher to guide you through the practice of advanced techniques.

  3. Hi, I do vajroli mudra before I reading these comments I never knew it is vajroli mudra . When I was in my teens I read a book called youvan raksha written by ashram bapu . I apply vajroli mudra when I have sex with my partner from last 12 yrs I am not using any contraceptives. I was in confusion what I was doing is right or wrong will this effect my health . But after reading this conversation I am satisfied .

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