Yoga Exercises And Instructions For Lower Back Pain

I have already mentioned some of the yoga postures for upper back pain, so now let’s look at some for the lower back pain. I assume you are new to this, so I will start with simple yoga postures.

Yoga Sequence For Pain In The Lower Back

1. Stand straight, breathe freely; now raise your arms with inhale above your head, and once your reach the top position with them, try to push your arms a bit more stretching the whole body upwards. With exhale lower your arms to the floor placing them just near your feet; you will bend here to let your arms reach the floor. Standing in this position try to relax your body; your breathing will be deeper than usual and of an abdominal kind, which is great. Stay for w while in this bent posture, and then with inhale raise your hands above your head and with exhale return to the initial position. Repeat three times. The relaxing stage will normally lasts for 30-60 seconds; if you feel like staying more in this bending position you can do that.

If you have blood pressure problems, please consult with your doctor for this or any other yoga asanas, before you start practicing them.

2. You are still standing; bend your back in a form of a wheel, i.e. do not bend in the lower back, but make your whole back rounded instead. Now, by turn push your arms forward as far as you can with exhale, and along with that you will stand on one foot then on the other foot – when you push your left arm, you place the weight of your body on your right foot and vice versa; you need to do it in a way to feel your lower back get stretched along with the upper back. If you have spinal discs disorders do this exercise very carefully. As I said, always get consulted with a physician before you do any practice.

3. Sit down on your knees, hips are placed on heels. With inhale raise your arms over your head and with exhale place them on the ground before your, stretching them as far as possible from you forward. Stay in this position for a while, trying to relax, then with inhale raise your arms again and with exhale put place them on your knees.

Simple yoga pose for lower back pain 1

Simple yoga pose for lower back pain 2

These are very simple yoga exercises for lower back pain relief. You will find more complex ones here on this website as well.

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