Pain In Upper Back Between Shoulder Blades And Chest: What To Do?

If you experience pain in upper back between shoulder blades and chest, the first thing you should remember is what your posture is! The bad posture is often the main cause of such pain, and if we simply neglect it, then we may expect this pain to turn into a chronic one.

upper back pain between shoulder blades and neckIf there is a severe pain in upper back and chest, then it is better to visit a doctor to avoid possible complications; you should also consult with a doctor, if your pain lasts for some time already.

Another thing why you should ask a doctor about this pain is if someone in your family has cardiovascular disease – you definitely don’t want to have it. You should also contact your doctor, if you cannot explain the causes of this upper back pain (your posture if fine, you do some physical activity, you don’t have any serious disorder, etc.)

Why It Is Important To Understand The Symptoms Of Upper Back Pain?

Because you don’t want the situation with your back to get worse; remember that back problems can affect your whole body since nerves that come from brain to other organs and systems, go through your spine, which is usually involved in almost any possible pain in the back . In yoga it is said that the condition of your spine, its strength and flexibility is the basis for keeping your body young.

If you often have a physical load placed on your back, and then having short pains may be natural (but you need to bring relief to your back). For women with large breasts it may also be difficult to remain straight for long periods of time, so it is essential for them to keep their spine muscles fit.

As for the serious conditions, the most know among them is osteoporosis – intervertebral disc rupture and injury. Bones get thinner and brittle, which leads to easier bone fracture and vertebrae destruction even from the weight of one’s own body. This can be prevented if you pay your attention to the upper back pain between shoulder blades and neck and take the necessary measures.

What Can You Do At Home To Get Rid Of Upper Back Pain?

bhujangasana or the cobra pose is very good for upper back pain reliefThe first and very common thing is to judge your symptoms; as we already said, if they are constant and/or severe, visit a doctor. If your pain is not acute, and it has come just recently, take it as a sign that you need to take care of your back as soon as possible. The first step will be doing regular physical exercise or even better – do some yoga postures for back pain. Especially good standing postures like trikonasana, padahastasana, and parsva-konasana; among sitting poses there are bhujangasana and paschimottanasana; maybe it will be difficult for you to perform them for the first time, but after a while they will become easier, and you will be able to do them deeper.

The best way to learn these yoga asanas is to find a good teacher or yoga school; you can also learn them through books, but it would be more difficult and you need to follow the instructions from a book exactly to avoid possible complications.

Another simple method to bring some relief to your pain in the back between shoulder blades and chest pain is massage; it works fine for those who experience upper back pain between shoulder blades when sleeping; massage can be done before going to bed – it will make your sleep much better as it helps muscles relax.

A tip for women: if you experience a pain in the upper back because of your breasts, try wearing special sports bras that provide a good support for the breasts and allow bending your back better.

And as always, keep the correct posture – this is the key, otherwise you will keep suffering from the pain in upper back between shoulder blades and chest; it may be difficult in the beginning, but as you keep trying and doing exercises on daily basis, keeping a good posture will become your natural habit, and the pain in your back will gradually retreat.

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