Laxative Tea Benefits: Do You Feel The Difference?

Do you know any laxative tea benefits? Usually people think that such drink will help them lose weight. So is it true? Let’s see…

Laxative Tea BenefitsLaxative teas work by making your intestines “loose” in order to remove wastes in somewhat easy way. While they give you some benefit, you should not count on them as a mean to get rid of belly fat. it is not only because they are not that effective but also because if you take these teas on a regular basis or just too long you may suffer from dehydration and electrolyte imbalance (when along with toxins essential substances are also get washed away from your body). Among other laxative tea side effects is the reduction of potassium levels in blood, which leads to muscle weakness and kidney malfunction.

I’m not saying these teas are bad, but you need to know they work and what to expect from them. The best use of this drink is as an additional mean or remedy for your body detox program or weight loss program. Keep in mind that in order to make the tea work best for you, you need to follow the directions of usage usually printed on a tea pack.

Another thing to consider is the tea authenticity; there may be many weight loss tea brands but not all of them are necessarily effective. When you choose a tea:

– don’t buy a tea that promises fast fat burning and healing lots of ailments altogether;

– Check the laxative tea ingredients for artificial flavoring substances and stabilizers, colors, etc – obviously you don’t want chemicals to interfere with your cleansing process;

– If you cannot find an authentic drink, make your own. How? Here is a simple recipe:

Take a spoon of the mixture of buckthorn bark, dandelion root, fruit, parsley and fennel, peppermint leaves, peppermint in the proportions of 3:1:1:1:1 and pour a glass of boiling water into the mixture and leave for 15 minutes. After cooling, filter and drink the broth: two tablespoons in the morning on an empty stomach for 2 months.

Also there is a ginger tea recipe which can be helpful fir your weight loss plan:

Place a thinly sliced piece of ginger root in a thermos, add boiling water, keep it for a while and drink during the day. Anytime, if you are on a diet, and for half an hour before a meal, if you eat normally.

Laxative Tea and Pregnancy

Senna laxative tea
Senna laxative tea

While being free from toxins is great when you are pregnant, do not get carried away with laxatives because of the above mentioned possible side effects.


If you want an advice on laxative tea brands, check Traditional Medicinals Teas Nighty Night Tea. It is clinically tested, caffeine free, USDA organic tea. As for the laxative tea ingredients the active ingredient is Senna leaf. This drink works great for constipation and provides additional support for digestion due to the presence of fennel, orange peel, cinnamon, coriander and ginger. It is best when taken before going to bed at night.

If the taste of the tea is not to your likes, try adding lemon juice to a glass of cup of the tea – will be much easier to drink. Lemon juice will provide additional laxative effect.

To sum up, don’t expect wonders that the tea promotes a quick weigh loss; rather use it as a supportive measure for your program; in case you simply want to bring a relief to your intestines, this remedy can be a good solution, but you should buy a natural one to reap the full benefits of its properties and action.

Is It The Only Way?

Actually in yoga there are interesting practices such as Shankh Prakshalana and Basti Kriya that not only help you cleanse your body but also provide a weight balancing. Although these practices may look too difficult to perform, yet they are so powerful that after seeing the results you will probably not want to go for anything else.

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