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yogaYoga is an ancient system of self-development, which is still useful today. Classic yoga has 8 limbs, the 3 of them are most common nowadays: asana or yoga poses, pranayama or breathing exercises, and dharana (dhyana) – the meditation. In the classic system meditation covers two limbs, one of which is preliminary stage (dharana), and the second one is advanced (dhyana).

The most attractive part of yoga is its ability to restore health (both physical and mental), reduce stress and bring harmony into our life. In addition to this, yoga is literally accessible to everyone (with some adjustments, but nevertheless), and delivers benefit to a person of any age and health condition.


ayurveda“The science of life” – as it is translated from Sanskrit, Ayurveda is probably the most ancient system of medical knowledge on Earth. It is based on natural harmony, on universal laws, and its methods are mainly focused on the disease prevention.

The idea of ayurvedic healing is that the cause of the diseases lies in the toxins accumulated in our body, which occurs due to the imbalance of Prakriti or natural bodily constitutional types (also known as dosha): Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The harmony and health can be restored through the balance of these doshas.