Yoga Pose Poster: Should You Use It?

Ashtanga Yoga Poster

For those of you who are in search of a good yoga pose poster, I can recommend this Ashtanga Yoga Poster (well, actually there are not so many good posters available, but since Ashtanga yoga is pretty popular, you can get the poster; it may be much more difficult find a good poster for Iyengar yoga, or some other yoga styles or traditions).

Why should you use a poster? Well, it is pretty convenient, especially if you are learning a new yoga sequence and it is difficult to keep all those postures in your head. In such occasion you can simply stick a poster with yoga poses images on your wall for quick reference.

Sometimes people ask me if there any kids posters for yoga poses, but honestly I haven’t seen any yet; probably they are rare because it is not wise to let your kids practice yoga postures alone – just for safety reasons.

Another point about any pictures with free yoga poses: please, don’t try to learn yoga poses from the images only as they sometimes can be misleading. What I mean is that if you cannot learn yoga from a competent teacher, you need to get a good yoga book and follow it carefully. While I’m for yoga posters, yet you need to understand and follow the instructions given for any pose to achieve its full benefit for your health.

So use yoga posture images for your reference, but pay more attention to how a particular pose is performed. If you cannot achieve the ideal form or cannot breathe as it is said in the instructions, no problem, just try as much as you can and ultimately you will be able to perform asanas very well, and once you remember them, no poster is required. But until that time, use these yoga posters as quick guides.

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